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Day 18: Paros Chooses Not to Cooperate

Paros has caused our trip to take a series of severe turns. First of all, the weather has remained less than ideal. We woke up to rain, again, which shifted everyone’s plans for the Paros BBQ Cruise. Everyone except Kristen, JJ, and I had signed up for it, but because of the rain, it ended up getting cancelled. So while I was looking forward to a quiet and relaxing day 1) away from all of our group’s partiers, and 2) by the pool, this did not end up being the case.

Today was even less ideal because Kristen woke up with a fever. The night before she had said that her throat felt a little swollen, and we wrote it off as maybe swallowing some salt water. However, that was just the beginning.

I snagged her an apple and orange from breakfast, and she slept most of the day. While she slept, Carolina and I walked down to Parikia’s city center and explored the various paths full of shops and adorable cafes/pastry shops. Parikia has the same charm as Oia, though it is much smaller.

Around noon we stopped for lunch at a small covered cafe (to avoid the rain), where I ordered the most delicious waffle. I have really been missing breakfast food, so it was nice to eat a waffle. I also realized that honey makes a fantastic syrup, and I’m excited to try it again back in the US.

After lunch, Carolina and I made our way back to the hotel. Kristen was awake by time we arrived, but she looked and sounded even worse. She had texted me while we were out, asking for more water, but because I had my phone on airplane mode, I didn’t get the message. So, when we arrived, Carolina and I set back out for Parikia’s town center in search of a market that sold water. Not far into our walk, I gave Kristen a call to ask if she would also like us to stop at the pharmacy, since her motrin and dayquil did not seem to be helping.

Alexandra was able to direct us to a pharmacy down the road, and the pharmacist on duty was super helpful in getting us a cold and flu medication. We collected her medicine and water, and once we delivered it, Kristen was back to bed.

Carolina and I tried to spend as much time as we could outside of the room. Not only did we want to let Kristen sleep peacefully without our shuffling, we also didn’t want to be breathing in all her flu germs. So while she slept, Carolina and I hung out on the breakfast balcony. She read while I calculated my list of declarations for customs and worked on my blog. The wifi is not fantastic here, so I still haven’t been able to post my past week’s worth of posts, but I’m all caught up on the writing!

I took a short nap with my head on the breakfast table, and by the time I woke up around 4:30, the sun was out. I went back to the room to change into my swimsuit, and found that Kristen was up and had showered. She sounded a little better, so the medicine seemed to be working a little.

I laid by the pool for a few hours and read, but around 6:30, it started to get cold again, so it was back inside for me. Kristen was sleeping again by time we returned to the room.

The rest of the group was meeting at 7pm to take a bus up to Naoussa, the island’s capital and nightlife hub. As they left, Carolina, Ashley, and I walked back into Parikia to the restaurant we ate at for dinner yesterday.

The owner was really excited to see us again, which was adorable. Carolina and Ashley only wanted dessert, but I ordered the restaurant’s house salad (which came with apples and oranges) because I felt such a strong need to consume fresh produce–especially with Kristen coming down with some sort of flu. The salad was delicious, of course, and after eating, we headed back to the hotel again.

By the time we returned, Kristen was awake, but felt really nauseous, likely from not eating anything but an apple and orange all day. Carolina and I went to the bar, which we had noted earlier sold snacks up until 10pm. Thankfully, it was just after 9:30 when Kristen mentioned feeling sick.

The staff at Hotel Panorama were so kind. They made her fresh rice with lemon to help settle her stomach and didn’t even charge us for the dish. I’m not sure if the food helped, since

Kristen is laying down again. Hopefully she starts feeling better tomorrow, since she will have had several doses of the cold and flu medcine.
Tomorrow we depart at 9:45 for our ferry back to Athens. This ferry will be four hours long, so I’m hoping that Kristen will be able to sleep and rest on the journey, and feel well enough–if not to explore Athens for a few hours–to at least join the group for our farewell dinner tomorrow night. We’ll see how things go, though.

I’m already stressing because I know that I’m going to come down with whatever it is that she has. We’ve been together 24-7 for the past three weeks, so it’d be a miracle if I don’t also catch this flu. Of course, this sucks, since I have travel plans booked for the next few weekends, and have to spend all my free time once I return packing for my move to Indiana, which will take place in just under a month. I’m just hoping I don’t come down with this flu until I make it back home to Michigan. At least I can navigate that from the comfort of my own bed, instead of a middle seat on a 10 hour flight.

As I reflect on the different parts of our trip, Paros is definitely the low part. Not only was the weather less than ideal, but it just seemed like we were unable to catch a break. I’m definitely ready to be heading back to Athens, and to be preparing to fly back home in a few days.



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